Is it true that some people have to eat meat?

June 15, 2014

Question by Noa Bach: Is it true that some people have to eat meat?
So my cousin proposed that even though not eating meat is good he said some people have to have meat due to the climate they live in. He said in absolute cold climates with little to no vegetation the people have to eat fish. He told me if they don’t they die. I was taught that we don’t need meat to survive and spiritually it’s healthier not to eat meat. Now I think of the people in those areas with no choice and it’s so confusing.
P.S. In some religious traditions if you eat meat, you have to be reincarnated again to this cruel world, or you become an animal…is that far to those who don’t have a choice?

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Answer by Megan
Your cousin is somewhat right. As humans we do not need to eat meat, especially not red meat. In fact it is quite unhealthy to eat a lot of this. However, in parts of the World, being vegetarian would not be practical. For example if you are an Inuit (Eskimo) and all around you is snow, then there is no vegetation and no way to get food unless you hunt and fish. This does not mean they have to eat meat because their bodies need it, but they have to eat and this is all that there is available.
Another example is in hot climates, and poor people, who would not be able to afford meat substitutes or other sources of protein, nuts, eggs etc. The food which they often eat the most is fish, because they can go catch these themselves.

So to sum up, yes, some people have to eat meat, they have no other options.

The majority of the western world do not need to eat meat and so being vegetarian is the best option! 🙂

To add, religions are extreme, and so are some believers. If they are immensely committed to their religion, then they would rather starve than betray the rules set out by their God(s). The less conservative of them will just simply say they had no choice.

I suppose it’s just the fact that if you value every life as equal, then you would think it selfish to take another life just so that you don’t go hungry.

B12 you can get from Marmite 😉 and all the rest from other sources too if you do your research. My whole family are vegetarian, and we are all in perfect health.

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