Question by lullabyfreedom: Are Andy Capp’s Hot Fries haram? They contain whey powder and I’m not sure if that ingredient is from pork.?

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Answer by Jen
Whey is a dairy product, like cheese. It is not pork.

Lard is pork fat. That is about the only common baking ingredient you could find.

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Taste really good and mixes good too. Thanks for watching 🙂 I brought it from here:…
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Question by meme: Need help with a liquid diet for my boyfriend. PLEASE!?
My boyfriend had jaw surgery on Wednesday and as a result his jaw is banded shut. I have spent a lot of time looking for recipes of liquids that he can eat but I know that I need more options for him. To be honest I am totally exhausted right now. He still lives at home (and so do I) but I have moved in to his house for the time being and am pretty much taking care of him by myself. For the next 8-10 days he can only drink ‘particle free’ liquids that I have to blend and strain.
If anyone has ideas for doctoring up boxed soups or broths to make them taste like they are somewhat homemade or at least more flavorful that would be great. I will take any easy recipes or ideas/hints/tips.
I had planned on making some real homemade chicken and vegetable broths for him but I have no energy at the moment. He is already sick of the sweet things and misses the savory but I got a vegetable juicer and am going to try that tomorrow.
Any and all ideas are welcome!

ps. In about 8 days he is going to be able to eat (drink) ‘particle’ liquids meaning pretty much anything I can blend so if anyone has those sort of ideas I could use those too. Thanks again!
His stomach cant really handle ensure/boost and as I said he is kind of sick of them….he is craving the savory things.

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Answer by Cool Jesus
ensure is a little expensive, but its a meal in itself just by drinking it. i nearly lived on it when i had my wisdom teeth out

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